Pieter Spronckmachine learning, gaming researchdepartment chair
Max Louwersecognitive science; virtual realityresearch leader cognitive science
Emmanuel Keuleersdistributional semantics, computational psycholinguisticsmarketing, internationalisation, and finance
Marie Postmaeducation & technology, vocal and speech analyticsdirector of studies
Eric PostmaAI, affective computing, deep learningresearch leader artificial intelligence
Maryam Alimardanibrain-computer interfaces, robotics
Afra Alishahicognitive modeling of language, computational linguistics
Martin Atzmüllerdata science, sensor-based social analytics, network science
Henry Brightoncognitive science, decision science, machine learning, computational
modeling of evolutionary and adaptive systems
Giovanni Cassanicomputational psycholinguistics, language acquisition, computational linguistics
Grzegorz Chrupalacomputational linguistics
Eriko Fukudahuman development and learning
Çiçek Güven Özçelebinetwork analysis
Andrew Hendricksoneducational technologies
Bertrand Higy(postdoc)
Lisanne Huis in t Veldcognitive neuroscience
Merel Jungsocial signal processing, deep learning
Michal Klincewicztime perception,
artificial moral reasoning,
moral improvement with artificial intelligence
Juan Sebastian Olierunsupervised learning, autoencoders
Sharon Ongimage and signal processing
Martijn van Otterloreinforcement learning, responsible AI
Wendy Powellvirtual reality
Martin Reynaertcomputational linguistics
natural language processing
Giacomo Spigler deep learning and deep reinforcement learning
Richard Starmansstatistical learning, philosophy of AI
Paul Vogtlanguage development, social robotics
Travis Wiltshirecollaborative cognition, dynamical systems modeling
Marijn van Wingerdencognitive neuroscience, animal social behavior