Insect-inspired Artificial Intelligence for Tiny Drones, lecture by Guido de Croon (TU Delft), Aug. 26 JADS

Insect-inspired Artificial Intelligence for Tiny Drones

Guido de Croon (TU Delft)

Monday August 26
JADS, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Chapel)
18.00-19.00h (coffee & tea afterwards)

Abstract: Tiny, light-weight drones are very safe for flight around humans, navigating in indoor, narrow spaces, while still capturing the information necessary for the application such as warehouse stock tracking or search-and-rescue. For such applications, the tiny drones will have to fly completely by themselves. This is very challenging, since they are very restricted in terms of sensing, processing power, and memory. For the solution, drawing inspiration from flying insects is key. In the talk, I will present the research we performed at TU Delft to achieve fully autonomous flight of tiny, light-weight drones such as the DelFly Explorer, a flapping wing Micro Air Vehicle that with its 20 grams is still the lightest drone in the world able to fly around and avoid obstacle completely by itself. Moreover, I will discuss our work on having swarms of such tiny drones work together. Finally, I will discuss how our experiments with drones can teach us new things about flying insects.