From Visual Recognition to Visual Understanding, lecture by Laurens van der Maaten (Facebook Research), Sept. 9, Tilburg University

From Visual Recognition to Visual Understanding

Laurens van der Maaten, Facebook Research

The lecture will be introduced by prof.dr. Emile Aarts, full professor Tilburg School of Economics and Management / former Rector Magnificus Tilburg University

This lecture is part of the official launch of the Cognitive Science & AI program at Tilburg University
for more information, contact the Academic Director of the program Marie Postma:

Monday September 9
Tilburg University, Aula

Advances in deep learning have led to tremendous progress in systems for visual recognition. As opposed to ten years ago, visual-recognition systems are now good enough that they can be used in a range of practical applications. The talk gives an overview of how these visual-recognition systems work, and presents our recent work that improves the quality of these systems even further by training them on billions of web images. Finally, the talk discusses the difficulty of building systems that go beyond recognition and develop visual understanding capabilities. Specifically, it presents new benchmark tasks that are designed to better understand the limitations of current systems for visual understanding.